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NEW! Inner Game Mastermind

You've had the training, the techniques, the fancy scripts, the widgets, tools, and other "outer" accessories to help you network, communicate, generate leads, and grow your business... but you're still STUCK ... or at least you've not hit the level you want. So, what's wrong? Likely it's NOT what's on the outside... instead it's what's on the inside. That's what we're dealing with in The Inner Game Mastermind

Weeks 1 & 2 are a beta test - no cash investment as long as you commit to:

-Invite your friends to join and share it on your timeline

 -Actively participate in the discussions

 -And give feedback

There is no obligation to continue. If you do it will only be $197/mo.

The Inner Game Mastermind includes:

-  The Inner Game of Sales mp3 program

A highly effective program that directly conditions and reprograms the inner mind .  Just get comfortable, put it on, and effortlessly drift off and allow the program to transform your outlook to one of loving and embracing opportunities to meet new people and customers with total confidence.

- 8 - 90 minute online Mastermind Meetings

Mastermind outcome

 You will be able to walk through networking and sales cold calling situations that in the past you would have either avoided or tortured your way through.

Method of learning

 Person Learning Method"  - A winning One, Two Punch to Success

-Learning from the inside out

   -Effortlessly reprogram the Inner Mind with the mp3 program

  -Learning from the outside in

   -8 weeks of valuable, state of the arts communication techniques and confidence and esteem building exercises during the Mastermind sessions

Here's What You Will Learn:

 *Rules of the mind: How to make your mind work for you.

 *Effective use of mind conditioning programs: The Secrets to tapping into the Mind's full         potential.

 *Self-confidence and esteem building exercises: Little known ways to put you on the "Fast Track" to a more confident you.

 *Powerful Speaking: Learn high powered communication techniques the pros use

 *Overcoming Rejection: How to vanquish this fear forever!

 *A Perspective Makeover: A new way to view one's experience of life that will change everything

 *Psycho-semantics: How to choose words that say what you really mean

 *The 9 environments: Learn how to make your world work for you

 *Rapport building: How to quickly move from stranger to trusted associate

 *Plus tons of support both from Jason, personally and from the group.

Mastermind starts on Tuesday, May 13, so if you are interested, Call me at 818-980-2929 or email me at jason@mycoachjason.com to book a space.

My Coach Jason’s Tips for Winning at Life
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What My Clients Say:

"Jason Wittman is the coaching industry's best kept secret.  His decades of experience dealing with others' problems means that he is the perfect coaching solution.  He has helped me with the challenges of this new job market and made me realize what changes are needed for my job marketing in the accounting industry."
Bill Frederick, Tax Consultant and Accountant  

"Jason has an intuitive ability to focus in on the crux of the issue at hand. With this laser-like direction, combined with his awesome knowledge and experience, there is a clear and achievable path to any particular goal - such as the launch of a consultant business, in my case."  Jim Arnold, Jim Arnold Communications

"Jason is very intuitive and has a down to earth practical approach to life’s challenges. Working with him helped me to gain perspective, change my attitudes, manage my time, and make positive choices in my work. As a result, I feel more peaceful and have more free time while still achieving my goals." -Anne N., Corp. Exec.



Wouldn't You Love to:

Be able to capitalize on opportunities and to intuitively sort out which ones to pursue.

Be confident, cool, and collected before speaking engagements and auditions.

Have a clear picture of where you are going and confidently take action to get there.

Start writing and the words just pour out without much effort.

Be unprocrastinatingly creative.

Navigate through relationships of all types with confidence, knowing just what to say and do next.

But the Reality Is:

Those dreams have turned out to be just dreams and it doesn't seem like they will ever be realized.

Even where there are some successes, they come at a huge price of anxiety, fear and pain.

It just seems like treading water has become a life-style.

So What Will It Take to Get to Those Dreams?

For many people (and all of my clients) hiring a coach was that secret ingredient that rocketed them to success!

There have been times in my life when it was nice to have had someone that I knew and trusted with whom I could consult. Someone with whom I could discuss my options, get suggestions, learn some new tools so I could handle the situation better, and cheer me on to success. Fortunately, I have usually had someone to call on. Fortunately for my clients, they have had me to call on for the last 30 years.

As One of My Clients Put It....

"Jason is way more than just a life coach. Sure, he is a top flight coach for the last 30 years, but he is way more than that. He's like having an advisor, a counselor, a mentor, coach, spiritual advisor, business resource guru and confidante, all in one. As a person who is continually in the spotlight in my workplace, it is great to have someone to share my innermost thoughts without fear of repercussions. Jason is the secret weapon that gives me my winning edge!"

Please, Be My Guest for a Free, Confidential,
2014 Business and/or Personal Growth Planning and Goal Setting Session

In this conversation by phone we will:

  • Create a sense of clarity about the life you really want to have.
  • Find out the essential building blocks for having the life of your dreams.
  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the life you want.
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move towards the life you desire.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the life you truly want.
  • to schedule an appointment for this life changing session.

    How You Win With Me as Your Coach

    My job as your life coach and advisor is to assist you to consistently and exquisitely win in your life. My over-riding commitment is to do whatever is necessary to coach you to win at this game called life. I believe that any endeavor in life or business can be designed into a winnable game worth playing.

    ~I assist you to design winning game plans and coach you to win at them.

    ~I offer support, encouragement, provide insights, teach new skills when you need them, and make sure that you are pointed in the right direction and stay on track.

    ~I have the advantage of having a set of fresh eyes that are not caught up in your dramas, fears, mind sets, and old habits. From that vantage point, I am able to provide the insights and guidance that will give you the tools to steadily, if not quickly, move towards success.

    It is very hard, when you are knee-deep in alligators, to remember that your original mission - your reason for being there - was to drain the swamp. It's my job to keep you focused on the mission and to assist you to develop the skills for handling the alligators you encounter on the way.

    Not everyone starts with the same set of skills, especially the "inner game" ones. With a background as a therapist, a certified hypnotherapist, and an NLP practitioner, I am quite capable of assisting with those inner game issues.

    As we work on designing winning games worth playing and then in coaching you to achieve the win, I am committed to doing whatever it take, as your coach, so that you have all the skills you will need to win whatever game you are playing.

    As is in every profession, it is hard to be all things for all peoples' needs. I only coach people in games that I have personally played. These are areas of coaching where I do wonders with clients. My forte, as a coach, is working with:

    • New Business start-up issues(walking new solo-prenuers through the mechanics and the internal issues of starting up a new business.)
    • Managerial Issues (walking managers and executives through their issues and concerns with the other players in their business environment.)
    • Parents of pre-teen, teenagers and early 20s (who are finding themselves no longer in charge, out of touch, not listened to and are not liking it.) more.....
    • People in the entertainment industry (self confidence, stage fright, dealing with other industry types)
    • People in recovery (catching up on the life skills lost or never learned due to their addictions and what to move onward and upword in their lives)
    • People wanting better relationships (communication skills for personal and business relationships)
    • GLTB people (coming out, coming further out, relationships)
    • People living "sort-of" exquisite lives (who would like to evolve them into a totally exquisite ones.)

    My clients tell me that I have the innate ability to intuitively suggest workable approaches that support them as they develop the skills to make their lives truly successful by consistently winning at life.

    The "Moses" Concept

    I have observed that most people, myself included, have had a series of “moses-type*” people in their lives. I like the concept of Moses. I am sure you are familiar with the biblical story of Moses. He lead his people out of Egypt and guided them, taught them the skills they needed, and spiritually advised them as they traveled through the desert to the Promised Land. Then, for ethereal reasons (he got on God’s bad side), he was not allowed to walk through the gates and into the land with them.

    Our personal moses* all have these similar characteristics: They appear for a specific part of our life’s journeys; they guide us, teach us the skills we need; provide emotional and possibility spiritual guidance and support but do not walk with us through the gates to the next phase of our lives. I find that as a coach, people usually connect with me at a time in their lives when, to have a “moses*” is just what they need.
    *(I am not equating the Sage, Moses with me or anyone else. I just am usuing the story as an analogy.)

    To paraphrase the ancient saying of “When the student is ready, the teacher appears,” I have found that when soon-to-be clients are ready for a coach, we somehow meet. Since you are checking out my website, you are probably ready for coaching. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail (jason@mycoachjason.com) to set up a free 1/2 hour phone coaching consultation where we can explore the possibilities of my being your coach.




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