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A Brief Biography of Jason Wittman

Since the middle 1980s, Jason Witman, MPS has had a private practice as a Life Coach. Over the years he has assisted countless clients walk through the trials, tribulations and joys of their lives. He has worked with Hollywood celebs who needed assistance with stage fright and with the fears and hastles that quick success can bring. He coached executives on how to better work and communicate with their employees and bosses. Many clients credit his coaching with being the critical factor that allowed them to successfully walk through difficult personal relationships and transitional times in their lives. His ability to intuitively know the "rest of the story," combined with his skill as a certified hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner has served his clients well.

Jason Wittman received both his B.S. degree in business management and his Master of Professional Studies in Counseling Psychology from Cornell University in Ithaca , New York . He is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. In 1971, he founded Alpha House, a residential therapeutic community for drug addicts and alcoholics in Ithaca , N.Y. and was its Executive Director for four years. In those four intensive years, he accumulated over 8,000 hours of group counseling experience and more than twice as many hours counseling individuals.

He then turned his attention to a much neglected group of teenagers, the street kids. Since then, he has developed a methodology called "Counseling On Demand," that enables therapists to reach and assist the most unreachable and incorrigible of street kids. In his current program, a single team of therapists has been able to move an average of 25 adolescents and young adults per year, off of the street. Over the years, he has designed and run programs that have effectively worked with youth and young adults of many backgrounds, such as middle and upper class white kids in Ithaca, N.Y., male street hustlers and gay and Lesbian youth in Phoenix, AZ., Mexican-American kids, in Phoenix, AZ.

In April 1995, he recognized the need for a social and supportive services agency to work with adolescents and young adults who, through circumstances beyond their control, were on their own without any sembalence of support and guidance from responsible adults. Along with his private practice, he has been the Executive Director of The Youth Rescue Fund and its parent organization, Los Angeles Youth Supportive Services, Inc. ever since. Los Angeles Youth Supportive Services, Inc., works with street prostitutes in Hollywood, Ca and with high risk kids from all over LA County, CA, who congregate in Hollywood and West Hollywood. Most of them live at home but are very estranged from their parents and at very high risk for alcohol and drug addiction and suicide. With over 33 years of counseling experience, he has developed highly innovative and very effective programs to address the problems of adolescents and young adults. His expertise includes: methods of reaching and working with the most unreachable street kids; doing psychotherapy in non-traditional settings such as on-the-streets; the effective teaching of life-coping skills including self-esteem and self-confidence building skills; and prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and addiction including 12 step programs.

In 2005, L.A. Youth Supportive Services experienced a dramatic decrease of funding, due to the Congressional rewriting of how donors could deduct their vehicle donations on their income tax. The unintended quansequence was that people privately sold there cars instead of donating them. He was forced to curtail expenses by closing the office, laying off all employees including himself, continuing to counsel as a volunteer with an office phone in his house.

Fortunately for him, Jason's parallel careers as a Life Coach and as a press, commercial and fine art photographer have kept him in good stead.

Both photography and Life Coaching are quite complementary because neither are eight to fivers and are by appointment. He is quite busy and very happy with these dual careers, taking wonderful pictures that bring joy into people's lives and bringing joy and success into his Life Coashing clients' lives by assisting them to design winnable games worth playing and coaching them to win.

Through the years, Jason has done many interesting things. He was an Air Force officer, including a tour in Viet Nam . As a Fuels Management Officer, he was responsible for all the petroleum products used on an air force base. In his off-duty time, he raced motorcycles in the Mid-West and had the largest live collection of poisonous and non-poisonous reptiles in Viet Nam . He has been a private pilot; a progressive-rock disc jockey; an actor, a singer, an ice hockey player; a licensed, single-parent foster parent; a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan; and a welding sculptor. He has had other work experiences including being a farm hand, a car salesman; an undercover narcotics investigator, a private detective, an owner/operator of a mobile windshield repair business and a facilities manager of a manufacturing plant. Other than that, he has led a pretty dull life.




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