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For your convenience I have provided links to where you can find more info or purchase the items listed below. I can say that these resources have worked for me. I can’t guarantee that your experience, the way you use them or your dealings with them will equal mine. If you find that any of the links are not working, please let me know at jason@mycoachjason.com I sometimes receive compensation from some of these referrals as their was of saying “thank you” for referring people to them. I never will put any reference on this list that I do not have positive, personal experience with. There are referrals on this page, such as Tommy Hopkins sales material, where I don’t get anything in return. Links make it to this page because they are dynamite tools to win by. My reputation is too valuable to list junk here just for the little monetary returns I would receive.








Creative Development
Personal Development
Better Office Practices
Business Web Tools
Sales and Networking Skills
Parenting of Teens
Life Coach Training Skills and Programs

Creative Development

The Artist's Way by Julia Camaron is a great workbook for artists and creative people
in general to work through the blocks to their creativity. For those who are doing "sort of exquisity" whith their creative processes, doing her exercises will get you to "exquisite."


Personal Development

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker is the book that I needed to read fourty years ago. Of course, I wouldn't have read it when I was twenty-five. I hope the revolution has arrived and everyone will want to read this book. It starts the process of becoming aware of how, when it comes to money and financial matters, we will automatically carry out the blueprint that is in our mind and discovering what that blueprint is and how we can change it to better serve us. This is on my "must read" list.

Better Office Practices

Taming The Paper Tiger - This is a very simple, efficient and
quite unique system of filing your paperwork. They guarantee
that you will find anything in your files in 5 seconds of less
or they will refund your money. I have been using their system
for almost as long as they have been in business and what they
say is true. To find out more about them click on the button



Business Web Tools

GoDaddy.Com - GoDaddy in my opinion is in a class of its own. It has
the least expensive domain name registration. It also has the best
hosting plans. For one price, at this time about $75, you can host
your main site with more storage than you will ever use, get 1000
email addresses, and be able to add up to 250 seperate and distinct
website without and additional cost. You can't beat this with a stick!
On top of that they have one of the best technical support staffs of
any business, period! They are available 24/7 from Scottsdale, AZ
so you know they all speak English we all can understand and they
are eager and patient to assist. I am switching all my website over
to them as they expire where they are currently hosted.

The Ezine Queen - This lady has all the information anyone would
ever need to start, promote and run their own ezine. She has
Special Reports that will teach you to publish a simple ezine
that will boost your business, make you famous, and grow a
massive mailing list you can market to over and over. Go to The
Ezine Queens Website, ezinequeen.com

AudioAcrobat.com When it comes to recording your tele-conferences,
tele-groups, or even introductory messages from you or recommendations
from client to put on your website, these guys are the only viable show
in town. Easy to record and you get an MP3 that can stream from your
website or you can make into CD products for a passive money stream.
Here are just a few ways you can use AudioAcrobat™ to bring your
web site to life:

The Publicity Hound - Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, is my
on-line guru when it comes to anything to do with Public
Relations. She has a great email newsletter and, on her website,
she has available, numerous white papers, how-to-do-it info
packages and courses covering all of the PR field. I have made
good use of her advice on preparing press releases, as well as,
many other pieces from her site. She was a long time newspaper
editor so she knows her stuff. You can find her at The Publicity
Hound Website, publicityhound.com

Affordable and Powerful Shopping Cart Systems from
autowebbusiness.com is a complete web based program that will
handle all your auto-responder needs and as you grow, your
shopping cart and affiliate programs. They have sliding rates
that are both competitive and reasonable that vary with the
amount and type of services you need. I am using them for my
bi-weekly ezine. When you clicked on my subscribe button (and I
hope you did!) all the rest including the two emails you got and
the ezines, when I publish them are automatically taken care of
by them. They are nice people to deal with and are available
when needed. autowebbusiness.com


Sales and Networking Skills

Suggested Readings:

Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for
Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and
 by Michael Port. This is my latest read.Michael is an expert
in showing people how to present themselves and use that
presentation to keep the client pipeline full and flowing. It is different
enough from the "Never Eat Alone" book, below, that I would
recommend both of them. To purchase the book, just click on the book title.
If you would like to check out Michael's resource filled website you
can click here.

Little Red Book of Selling   by Jeffrey Gitomer. I bought this
in impulse (a bad way to conserve money in a book store).
It turns out that it is one of the most useful sales books I
have read. It is a very easy read with short chapters. Packed
into those chapters, though, is vital information for sales
types. He assumes that you already know the steps to a sales.
His premise is that "People don't like to be sold, but they love
to buy," and they love to buy from people they know and like.
This book is about how to effectively reach potential buyers and
get them to buy without being sold. I'm sold on this book.

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship
at a Time
by Keith Ferrazzi. This book was sitting on the shelf
next to the Little Red Book of Selling. The jacket said that it
was a book on networking and because I was looking for
networking techniques and don't like eating alone, I impulsed
this one, too. I have been reading both these books together and
they are totally complementary. Ferrazzi's approach to
networking is about building extended networks long before you
need them. It is about how to become well connected with a
network of friends. It is definitely a "how to" book. The
difference with this one is that it is not the "how to work a
networking room" as so many of these are, rather it is how to
gather a network of friends and associates that assist each
other selflessly.

How to Master the Art of Selling Anything CD by Tommy Hopkins.
He is one of the most successful salespersons, ever. I originally bought
this program after attending one of his live seminars in the
middle 1970s. It still ranks #1 on my list of sales training
presentations. Twelve compact discs teach you the complete sales
process from prospecting and original contact through to closing
and getting referrals.

Parenting of Teens

Suggested Readings:

Real Boys Workbook by William Pollack. William Pollack, Ph.D. is
the director of The Center for Men at McClean Hospital, a major
teaching facility of Harvard Medical School The Center is
dedicated to enhancing knowledge of men's life experiences,
physical and mental health issues. He is THE expert on how reach
and counsel boys. This workbook is the "how to" version of his
original, monumental book,"Real Boys : Rescuing Our Sons from
the Myths of Boyhood
" which is a bit too academic and tedious
for most people who are really looking for ways of dealing with
their kids. The workbook is the answer to their need. This is
must reading for anyone interested in working with boys.

Parent As Coach by Diana Haskins. This is a quick read and a
great primer for raising your teenagers. The subtitle of the book
is: Helping your teen build a life of confidence, courage and
compassion. I believe she provides with this book a great guide
to accomplish that in a manner that your teen might just actually
feel O. K. about. I am using this book in my coaching of parents
of teens. It is a "must read."


Life Coach Training Skills and Programs

Suggested Readings:

The Sourcebook of Magic: A Comprehensive Guide to the Technology of NLP,
by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.& Barbara P. Belnap, Ph.D. Although this book is
intended as a compendium of NLP recipes for the NLP Practitioner, I feel that
the first couple of chapters are a pretty good introduction to Neuro-Linguistic
Programming for even the new comer. I highly recommend this book for those
looking for a one source comprehensive NLP reference.

Influencing With Integrity by Genie Laborde, Ph.D. I have been recommending
this book since it was first published. It is primarily intended as an introductory
text for non-therapist business people to learn how to utilize this state of the art
communication technology for business and personal affairs.

Loving What Is, by Byron Katie This has become one of my favorite books.
Katie has discovered a set of four questions that when asked about a particular
belief that one hold about someone else or themselves, will give the person the
ability to sort fact from fiction and move on to a better self. Simple but quite
profound. She explores using "The Work" as she calls the questions in many
areas of a person's life and illustrates the process with transcripts of her work
with clients.

Coach Training Schools and Programs :

Thriving Coaches.com - Master Coach, Ann Strong is an expert in coaching
coaches to grow their businesses to the "thriving" level. She has a free, weekly
tele-conference every Monday at 8PM ES. Periodically, she offers 90 day
tele-workshops. She also does one-on-one coaching.

Coachville Training Programs - I personally have taken many
courses at Coachville. You can learn in the comfort of your home
(where else can you go to school without getting dressed?) or
office through their telecourses.

A course that I took that was extremely valuable and worth every
cent I invested in it is about to start. I is taught be Dave
Buck, the President and CEO of CoachVille and the developer of
the phenomenal "Coach Two Win Method." It is a 10 hour telecourse,
you will get the basics of this method. Here is the course

"The Masterful Coach - Quick Start program is a 10-hour
tele-intensive designed to provide the new or experienced coach
with a fresh new method for powerful coaching." The next start is in
May 2007 - May 22, 23, 29, 30 2007 at 1-3:30 PM ET
Early registration: 04/01/07

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