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Today’s discussion is about the first and most important of the environment in which we live. It is the inner mind one, our thinking process including the way we think about ourselves, our self-esteem and self-confidence. We get clues about this by listening to our self talk. Do we have a “can do” or a “no can do” approach to how we walk through the challenges of living?

There is an interesting on-line discussion that Tony Robbins had with two other multi-millionaire self-help gurus that focused directly on this environment. They were discussing a phenomenon that they had regularly observed. A good percentage of the people who buy their fairly high priced, self-help DVD courses, never even open the box. Tony offered an explanation that I am sure is correct. He said that their inner environment, aka their unconscious programming tells them that it does not matter what they try to do, they are losers and it won’t work. What happens is that they get very enthused by the sales pitch but by the time the program arrives, their old programming and its self-talk mantra of “It ain’t going to work, so why bother!” is in full swing and the goes in the closet alongside all the variety of other self-help programs and devices, like abs building machines, they bought and never used.

There are many ways changing negative inner environmental programs, hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), self-hypnosis, repetition while acting “as if.” All of them work to varying degrees and speed. The reason they work is due to the principle that the inner mind (aka, the unconscious) will automatically do whatever it understands is normal and natural. If the accumulated traumas and disappointments of an unsuccessful life have it understanding that losing is normal and natural, it will support negative thinking. The good news is that through the use of one of those methods I listed above, the inner mind can become convinced that winning is normal and natural and when that happens, it will produce behaviors that are conducive to winning.

We hypnotherapists have known this for ages. We say, “What the inner mind imagines, it tends to realize.” This is the gist of “The Secret.” It has never been a secret to us. I just saved you some good money. You don’t have to buy the movie or the book, now. Put that money to better use and invest in a good self-hypnosis, self-confidence program or if your inner thinking is very negative, the services of a good hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner or a life coach (or me who is trained in all the above) who can teach you this stuff and coach you through it. Once the inner mind environment becomes supportive of your goals, everything is possible.

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