Environments – Part 5 Personal Self Environment

So far in our explorations of the Environments we have looked at the inner mind, the memetic, and the spiritual ones. This week we will look at the personal self environment. This one encompasses all the non-physical attributes of a person, such as personality, strengths and vulnerabilities, and talents.

I find that many of the clients that I work with, especially those who are working on enhancing their self-confidence and self-esteem have never taken the time to accurately inventory all these qualities that make them who they are. There are a lot of limiting beliefs that are associated with a person’s self concept. Many of them come from early childhood where they were teased or harassed about their physical attributes such as their height or lack thereof. It is not until they finally take as unbiased a look at themselves as a whole do can they stare to see where maybe they bought into someone else’s stupid, uninformed biases.

The first mission is to make a list of all the unique talents and strengths that you know you have. Look at your skills, your innate abilities, the qualities of you that others admire and love (if you don’t know, then ask the people closest to you what they admire and love about you). Only when you notice and accept all those attributes that make you the wonderful you that you are, can you fully develop a great self-concept.

As with all of these environments, it is important to become aware of what you are tolerating in your personal self environment. Are there traits that you have that you know are impeding your ability to reach your goals that you are putting up with rather than dealing with them? An example of that might be the habit of never letting others finish what they are saying before you respond which is losing you valuable associates.

When you have thoroughly explored this environment you ought to be able to have a good idea of who you are, know that you are worthy of other people’s love and support and have a good feeling of your potential to succeed in your life.

If you have questions or comments, please post them in the comments section after this post. I am looking forward to a lively discussion here on the blog.

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