Environments – part 4 – The Spiritual Environment

The environment we will investigate this week is the spiritual one. My definition of spiritual in this context is a bit broader than usual. I see it as that intangible construct that allows people to make sense out of the unexplainable and unanswerable parts of their lives and their worlds. For many people that involves some degree of belief in a higher power that is labeled in many ways. Along with that belief can be belonging to an organized religious organization that supports and helps strengthen that belief. For others who do not believe in ethereal, higher power explanations, including those who call themselves atheists, they have various ways of explaining the unexplainable that range from “the universe” to scientific theories.

It is very important to work on a personal unifying explanation of, as one author called it, “Why bad things happen to good people.” Without some sort of a spiritual grounding, a person can risk falling into a downward, depressive cycle as a result of unexplainable personal trauma and tragedy. Having the ability to call on the comfort of feeling like they are not alone in the world has assisted lots of people get through troubled times.

For this environment, we need to inventory what we believe to be our version of a spiritual force. How do we nurture that belief? Do we pray, meditate, write, or use other ritual practices to connect with that force? Are we supported by a community of like minded people? Do our spiritual concepts support our ability to be at peace with our lives? Is there anything that is getting in the way of our having a firm connection with that spiritual belief? If so, are we doing anything to change or are we just tolerating it and living in resentments?

When I work with my clients in this area, we explore the above questions so that they will be able to fine tune their sense of spirituality so that regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in, they will have the comfort of knowing that they are supported in their journey through them.

If you have questions or comments, please post them in the comments section after each post. I am looking forward to a lively discussion on-line on the blog.

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