Environments – Part 3 – The Memetic Environment

This week we will explore the second environment, the memetic one. This is a very strange word for a very important one. The memetic environment encompasses all the information and information that we are regularly exposed to. All of the media, all our on-line browsing, the cultural messages we grew up with, the newspapers we read, the TV shows and movies we watch, the advertising we see, read and hear, the books we read, all influence the way we perceive our world.  The more we are exposed to the same messages the more they permeate into what our inner mind recognizes as being normal and natural.  When that happens it becomes part of our belief system and when that happens we will operate off of those beliefs without question, even when if we ever did question them we would realize how they we negatively effecting our behavioral choices. In my world we call those beliefs, “limiting beliefs.”

As a life and mentor coach, much of what I do is assist my clients to explore their beliefs to uncover which of those are actually limiting beliefs.  For most people, it really takes someone like me asking those, “Is that really going to achieve the outcomes you desire?” type questions, for them to finally recognize their limiting beliefs.

As with all these environments we are exploring, the overriding reason to study them is to become aware of what they are and how much influence they can have on our lives. Once we are aware we can protect ourselves from their negative influences. With memetic ones, we have to set up filters to screen out negative informational inputs from everything we read, see and hear.  Even without the assistance of a life coach it is possible to uncover many limiting beliefs by questioning how well the things we accept as the way things are, fit into our fundamental core belief system.  We can also explore how well what we believe is congruent with what information we are exposing ourselves to.

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