Nike has a good motto, “Just do it!” This is the final step in the process that I call “Playing Full Out!” The quality of one’s life becomes so much better when playing full out. This is because most likely they will be doing exactly what then have wanted to do and most likely will be living in the world of success instead of the world of “if I only had.” I say that “just do it” is the final step. Before taking that step, it is very important make sure that all of the environments are going to be able to support that action step.

There are actually ten environments that we operate in. Because the environment always wins, it is real important to make sure that all of them are at least neutral if not supportive. A quick rundown of the environments is in order.

Picture a bulls-eye with a center target and concentric circles surrounding it. The target is the individual and each of the circles surrounding it are the environments. The most inner circle is the Inner Mind Environment. Working out from there are: the Mimetic Environment –  which is the information and ideas to which we are exposed; the Spiritual Environment; the Immediate Personal Self one –  things like our choice of clothes and our hygiene; the Financial Environment – our relationship to money, money management, advisors and attitudes about spending and savings; the Relationship Environment – our family, close friends;  Network Environment – partners, organizations, clients and associates; the Physical Environment –   our immediate home surroundings, our office or work environment; the Social Network Environment;  Peripheral Environment –  our community, the nation and the world.

It just so happens that, generally, the relative importance of each of the environments for the person decreases as they are farther out from the center. Of course, the exception to that is when something in one of the outer environments directly impacts on the person, such as civil unrest or war in the peripheral environment.

I started this message by saying “The environment always wins!” This is almost always the case. No matter how strong people are or think they are, eventually then will end up reflecting their environments. To be aware is to be alive! To be aware of what is going on in your environments, you need to know what they are and what to look for. For the next nine weeks I am going to explore each of these environments with you.

This is a series of ten postings, one on each of the Environments. If you have questions or comments, please post them in the comments section after each post. I am looking forward to a lively discussion, on-line, on this blog.

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